Helen Bridge

Kitchener, Ontario

During these uncertain times, it is difficult for me and our four children to watch my husband go off to work for 24 hours to face this pandemic straight on! We honour our first responders by illuminating a red heart and blue twinkle lights from our window every evening. We hope they recognize our gratitude for their contribution.

Our boys age 16 and 18 wanted to make a contribution to help during this pandemic by assembling PPE 40 hours a week. They are working hard every day making protective shields with a Canadian company!

Our twin 14 year old girls are too young to work and not able to visit friends. To pass the time they come up with creative ideas to encourage others. They have spent their days painting rocks with encouraging messages to uplift and make people smile. They place the rocks along paths and trails. The messages are of love, hope and happiness.

For my contribution, I have dedicated my time to sewing unique masks. We leave them on people's doorsteps and donate to anyone in need.

The time we have spent as a family has inspired us to do whatever we can to help others and stay safe.

The kids realize the importance of the situation and know this is a historic moment in their life. They want to be proud of their actions and contribute as their father sacrifices his Heath to help others.

Giving to others gives us a sense of accomplishment and happiness.
We would encourage others to inspire one another to be productive and to show love to those around us.