That isn’t Where the Dog Should Be!

Michael Kalita
Newcastle, ON

Back in June of 2019, our crew was enjoying a quiet Monday when around 4:30 PM when we were dispatched to a check call for the report of a dog barking on a roof.

Thinking the caller was mistaken and it was just a dog in the backyard we responded and upon arrival found a Husky on the roof above the garage barking at everyone as they passed by. No owner was home.

The dog managed to break the screen away from the window and jump out onto the roof. We laddered the roof and got the dog back in and left a note for the homeowner. If we didn't see it with our own eyes we never would have believed it.

Our department has done its share of weird animal calls from a dog in a well, pigeon frozen to a roof, ducks in a storm drain, bird and owner stuck in a tree ... and now we can add dog on a roof.