Social Media Messaging and Online Communications Classes

The IAFF commends local and provincial affiliates for their effective use of social media during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We see many associations using social media messaging, including IAFF infographics and your own custom messaging, to impart important information, while further engaging your followers and enhancing your association’s profile in your community.

Use of social media such as Facebook and Twitter are effective ways to confirm your association’s role as a public safety and community stakeholder, for example by reminding citizens to obey local health authorities and social distancing measures, showing that your members are still on duty 24/7 protecting citizens and their property and showcasing community involvement such as birthday and hospital drive-bys.

If your association needs advice or assistance on the effective use of social media as it pertains to the COVID-19 situation or in general, please contact the IAFF Canadian Office.

Additionally, the IAFF Communications Division hosts occasional online classes on topics such as advanced Facebook advertising. Watch IAFF and IAFF Canada updates for information about future online communications classes.