Ryan Mcnaught

Frankford, ON

Retired Captain Bill Barber from Local 1328. Capt Barber was a good leader. He had respect for the job and always encouraged me to..."Leave a Legacy".. 

Meaning lead by example, don't be the shithead that let the truck roll away at a scene because you didn't think the wheel chocks were required. He encouraged continuous improvement and training sessions. We are a composite department, and therefore encouraged for the example we set was watched, heard and learned from by our volunteers in our station as well as our other 6 vff stations.

Bill also had a sense of humour, sense of comradery and Pride & Ownership of his position and responsibilities to us and the community.! I quote him during my training sessions that I present and take part in. He has made an impact in my life and my career. And for that. I thank him and wish him well. Thank you. Ryan "Woody" McNaught QWFD #114, Local 1328.