Philip Starr

Caledon, ON

Mentors, I’ve had quite a few. Banting, Bebbington, Gonneau, Evans, Lagerquist, Davidson, Oliver, Simpson, Taylor and Roy to name a few. But If you’ve worked on the the floor in Brampton you’ve been introduced to my most influential mentor through the “Sticky Strap”.

Bob “Sticky” Bardsley was my Captain for the majority of my years as a firefighter. As a Captain he had strong principles, we didn’t work for the fire Chief, we didn’t serve council, we served the community, their families and their guests.

Bob taught us well. No nonsense, not satisfied with the status quo. For as far back as I can remember, “Sticky” helped each firefighter that wanted to go for a promotion, learn how to dissect a complex problem into fundamentals. He taught us tactics and techniques and had the experience and knowledge to back it up. What I call firefighter wisdom, a synergy of knowledge and experience. I can readily think of 5 Captains, 1 District Chief and 2 Platoon Chiefs that worked under his tutelage as firefighters.

He helped bring Thermal Imagining, PPV, the “Sticky Strap” and more to BF&ES. If Bob saw a problem, he worked to fix it. Where he thought we could improve he drove the change to get there.

Bob still lives in the community he served for over 25 years. When I talk to him (not as often as I should) he still has BF&ES, the City and firefighting at heart.
Thank you Bob.