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As always, the stories from the hall are fantastic. There is no question that IAFF members see it all.

Read all the stories below or read them online.

We need to ensure the communities we serve understand the depth and breadth of our service. Whether dealing with technical rescues, water rescue, heavy equipment or hazardous materials, the first call in most municipalities is the fire service.

Our service is focused on safety for all. The stories below may be humorous, but they also show our versatility and commitment to safety in our communities.

This Halloween will be different than any other in our history. Traditionally, IAFF Canada members have been out in our community celebrating with the children in our neighbourhoods.

What is going to happen in your community this year? What plans are you making and how will they be different than usual?

Let us know. And stay safe.


He’s Fine. He’s Really Fine.

I'm a dispatcher. Took a call from an elderly lady that her husband was pruning a tree and was now hanging upside down from the top of the 8ft ladder. Asking if he was injured, she giggled and said, "no he's fine, he's still cussing."

Anne-Marie Jacobs
Pritchard, BC

That isn’t Where the Dog Should Be!

Back in June of 2019, our crew was enjoying a quiet Monday when around 4:30 PM when we were dispatched to a check call for the report of a dog barking on a roof.

Thinking the caller was mistaken and it was just a dog in the backyard we responded and upon arrival found a Husky on the roof above the garage barking at everyone as they passed by. No owner was home.


Michael Kalita
Newcastle, ON

Suit of Soot, Courtesy of the Cat

I was a rookie at my third rookie hall when we got a call for an animal rescue. We get into the engine and the captain reads his notes. He tells us it's a cat in a fireplace!

When we get to the residence, it turns out the cat is stuck in the chimney! The homeowners tell us their dog was outside going crazy. They opened their door and saw a stray cat cornered by the dog. They call the dog which gave the cat a moment to run past the dog and into the house!


Billy Stewart
Calgary, AB

Wait? What? Ducks can SWIM?

A few years ago, we got a call to respond to the base of the CN tower. There is a Salmon Fountain at that location. The call was for ducklings endangered. Upon arrival it was determined that a number of ducklings were playing in the fountain’s waterfalls and swimming around the base of the fountain.

The duck’s parents watched from the sidelines. The human visitors in the area were concerned for the duck’s safety even though Ducks Swim!

Dean White
Niagara Falls, ON

Please Pass the Pepper

We went to an unknown odour indoors.

We walked in and immediately had to retreat and put on our packs. We didn't know what it was, but it almost took us to our knees. We investigated for what seemed to be a long time. We opened windows and lifted our masks, but it wasn't any better.


Grant Partington
Milton, ON

What is going to happen in your community this year?

What plans are you making and how will they be different than usual?

Email and let us know. And stay safe.

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