Nicholas O'Carroll

Whitehorse, YT

Hi, I'm with local 2217 Whitehorse my mentor is at local 1271 Surrey. His name is Captain Terry Hunt. We were starting some small programs with our newly formed charitable and I was given his number as he was familiar with the clothing program in question.

What started as a simple request for information turned into lessons on how to be as good of a community member, firefighter and leader as possible. We spoke many times on the phone in regards to navigating charitable organizations, why it's so important for us as firefighters to be involved, and many of the stresses, frustrations we come across, on and off the job.

In the sense of a mentor, I couldn't have asked for a better role model. He came from a much larger local, but had nothing but patience and time for me. It's something I'll never forget and will always be sure to pass on to who ever may ask me for help. He basically embodied the brotherhood. I'm very happy to see he's enjoying his retirement,still, he continues to mentor myself and most likely, many others in his local, and the BCPFFA. Our charitable, union, and community are that much better, just from his sharing of knowledge and advice.