• Duane Neudorf

    Posted September 01, 2020

    Prince Albert, SK

    L510 Prince Albert Saskatchewan. I would say Kerry Verge As my senior captain when I was a recruit he was very thorough in explaining all details to my job. 

  • Marianne Boychuk

    Posted September 01, 2020

    Regina, SK

    Another great mentor was Grant Nicurity. He had a trusting relationship with the media when I started he respectfully asked them to wait till I was done training and then he prepared me for the media when I graduated. 

  • Sarah Nabi

    Posted September 01, 2020

    Pickering, ON

    My first captain! He really took me under his wing and encouraged me to be my best. He was always up for training and taught me things you only learn from experience. 

  • Jay Yaciw

    Posted September 01, 2020

    Regina, SK

    Platoon Chief John Bernier. Served as L0492 president and was part of the executive who made some of the largest gains for the firefighters of L0492 but also made lasting relationships with the city management.

  • Helen Bridge

    Posted June 11, 2020

    Kitchener, Ontario

    During these uncertain times, it is difficult for me and our four children to watch my husband go off to work for 24 hours to face this pandemic straight on! We honour our first responders by illuminating a red heart and blue twinkle lights from our window every evening. We hope they recognize our gratitude for their contribution.

  • Lawreen Barber

    Posted June 11, 2020

    Edmonton Area, Alberta

    Hi there, my husband is a firefighter with Edmonton Fire, and I am a member of Strathcona Fire local 2461, as a Fire dispatcher. During COVID we were both so lucky to work for essential services so that we could pay our bills and support our children.

  • Nicholas Varey

    Posted June 11, 2020

    Waterloo, Ontario

    My wife and two daughters have been my absolute rock when I come home from shift. My wife, Leanne, has been looking after our girls (3 & 1) and managing her career and pursuing her PhD in Developmental Psychology.

  • Damian Kelley

    Posted June 11, 2020

    Airdrie Alberta

    Hello, I am a Calgary firefighter and my wife at home is a registered nurse and she’s been working full time and I couldn’t be more proud of her and the work she does. She’s doing all this and has been there for me at home after working the 24 hr shifts.

  • Samantha Hoffman

    Posted June 11, 2020

    Newmarket, Ontario

    My family are my heroes at home all the time - not just during the COVID 19 crisis. They fully support my role in the fire service and know that it will at times take me away from them.

  • Douglas Britton

    Posted June 11, 2020

    Edmonton Alberta

    My wife is an Advanced Care Paramedic who works at the U of Alberta Hospital. She has cared for and treated C-19 patients, worked countless hours dressed in PPE & was always ready to go back into the U of A to help out.