• Nick Short

    Posted September 01, 2020

    Surrey, BC

    Jason Hodge mentored me for 9 months once I was hired. Brand new to the fire service he worked with me every shift to help me learn the skills, the culture and how to navigate the new life I had joined.

  • Greg Batters

    Posted September 01, 2020

    Victoria, BC

    The IAFF has great mentors to be sure... there is a number of them but to name a pair that had an impact with our Local Executive it would be without question: Jeff Clark and Miles Ritchie of Burnaby Fire Local 323 ! 

  • Evan Redka

    Posted September 01, 2020

    Cambridge, ON

    Growing up my Dad was my biggest role model and influence. He worked for the Cambridge Fire Department up until his death in 2013. 

  • Randy McDonald

    Posted September 01, 2020

    Brigden, ON

    Platoon Chief John Bernier. Served as L0492 president and was part of the executive who made some of the largest gains for the firefighters of L0492 but also made lasting relationships with the city management. 

  • Curtis Gibbons

    Posted September 01, 2020

    Pendicton, BC

    Past president (I took over for him) Mike Richards, he lead our local for 17 years, through some of the worst times our local ever had. He kept our local moving forward, kept everyone focused on "taking the high road," and left us in great shape. 

  • Ryan Mcnaught

    Posted September 01, 2020

    Frankford, ON

    Retired Captain Bill Barber from Local 1328. Capt Barber was a good leader. He had respect for the job and always encouraged me to..."Leave a Legacy".. 

  • Alan Thomas

    Posted September 01, 2020

    Toronto, ON

    Hi, thanks for this I certainly do. Hi name is Bernie Leufkins. He is one of our Retired District Chiefs and a very valuable member of our EAP-Peer Group.

  • John Clune

    Posted September 01, 2020

    Coquitlam, BC

    Retired Captain Rob Causier of Burnaby Firefighters local 323 has been a mentor for me on and off the job. As a community soccer coach he encouraged me to follow my dreams and become a firefighter, I am proud to have done so and work with Rob in Burnaby. 

  • Shaun Street

    Posted September 01, 2020

    Calgary, AB

    My mentor is not retired but I can't tell you how much I appreciate his support through the process. We met 4 years before I got on and he was acting captain. 

  • Todd Cyr

    Posted September 01, 2020

    Redwood Meadows, AB

    Yes his name is Peter Stella. Retired from the Toronto Fire Department. Mr Stella was my youth minor hockey coach in Whitby.