Labour Relations and Related Issues

At this time the IAFF Canadian Office, in conjunction with District Vice Presidents LeBlanc, Burry and Carter and Canadian Legal Counsel Sean McManus, is actively assisting locals with a number of emerging issues.


  • Employer modifications to collective agreements i.e. vacation days

  • Imposing of alternate shift schedules i.e. 24 or 48-hour shift

  • Concerns about exposure from members working in EMS as Secondary Employment

  • Reductions in fire department dispatch to medical calls

The IAFF position is that the current situation, regardless of whether an emergency is declared in your jurisdiction, does not allow your employer to make arbitrary changes to your collective agreement. We urge locals to exercise caution if asked by the employer to agree to such modifications. Please contact your IAFF District Vice President if your local is faced with arbitrary collective agreement modifications or if you are being asked by the employer to modify your agreement.