Dustin Donnelly-Kent

Sexsmith, AB

I wouldn't call it a mentor. But I used to live in St. Albert,alberta When I was a kid I was in a accident at school that involves getting my leg ripped off. 

The St. Albert fire/medic service are the ones who came to help me. Up until that point It was my childhood dream to be in the army or hockey player. Over the years I often thought about the guys who came to my rescue and one day I found myself walking into a volunteer fire service (that I still work at yo this day) and now I'm also a part time firefighter for a union fire service and dreaming of going full time one day Hope y'all enjoy my story.

But a free coffee is not needed. I understand what your trying to accomplish here and I think others would have a more appropriate scenario for this 👍. I should also mention I have both my legs attached today lol