Brandon Moberg

Langley, BC

I was a third year firefighter, elected as Vice President to an older executive group in a terrible relationship with the employer attending my first ever Western Conference in Whistler spearheaded by the leader in the 6th District.

The idea behind the Western was to get locals talking. What I got out of it was so much more. I recall the first lunch break at a local establishment where I sat with a man who I would learn so much from over the coming years , Lorne West. At that lunch Lorne spoke in a way I hadn’t heard many speak. He was a Leader speaking about Communication, about Respect and Developing Paths Forward. To this day I recall so many times where Lorne’s advice rings true, where the work that lies ahead still intends leave this place better than we found it.

I could go into greater detail how Lorne helped my previous local or how he continues in retirement to be a resources to my current one. Lorne’s support and guidance has demonstrated through practice how true leaders conduct themselves, always putting others before himself. I try to emulate Lorne’s selflessness and seek to improve situations to leave them better than I find them.

I know that doesn’t even come close to what Lorne has meant to the firefighters of the 6th District, but it is a snapshot of what he has meant to me.