Bradley Connors

Halifax, NS

I would like to talk about retired Captain Paul Boyle local 268 President, Vice Present, Secretary, and Shop Steward. Paul represented our local from the day he was hired, he fought for the betterment of the FD and its members long after he retired. 

Paul was a mentor to as during my time on the Union Executive, but especially during our many years at the legislative conference in Ottawa. Paul introduces me to many IAFF board and local executive members as well as showing me the ropes to lobby for political change for firefighters. Paul and I spend many days on the road fighting for the members, I will remember each trip we took in our Province and Nationally. Paul was also a great fire officer of over 35 years in the Halifax Fire Department. Capt. Paul Boyle was not only a great Union Leader, Operational Captain and family man, he was a personal mentor to me. Thanks Brad Connors