Andrew McCuaig

Lakehurst, ON

I met Pat McGoff ( Ottawa Local 162) when I was in Kindergarden. He was the main guy I would go see at the Gloucester Fire Dept as a child. I would often reach out to him as a teen on fire department advice.

I was fortunate enough as a volunteer to run numerous calls with Pat when he was acting Lieutenant and acting Captain at Station on my districts boarder.
When we was made full Captain we ran several fires and car accidents together. Learned a ton from him every call!

I had extremely hard time with exams and failed Ottawa's exam multiple times. The last time I wrote for them Pat had me come into the station and gave me the worlds best pep talk and made me feel better about it. " have to fail before you can appreciate success." That line sticks with me to this day.

I had full time job with City of Ottawa roads Department and worker nights. Pat was Captain across street at Station 31 and I would often stop in for breakfast with his D platoon crew. Some nights if we weren't plowing the roads he and crew would invite me for dinner.

In 2014 I was hired by Oshawa (Local 465). Pat was the first guy I called after each step of the process. When I was hired and ready to Move to Oshawa he had me into Station for an awesome going away lunch.

In the 6 years since, Pat has remained one of my go tos when I have questions, and the guiding voice of reason when required. I have learned countless tricks of the trade from Pat and been fortunate enough to pass them onto other crew members. Pat was always as excited about my stories as I was going to his hall all those years and listening to his.

Pat retired a District Chief in 2019. He had 34 years between Gloucester/Ottawa. And over 40 with his previous Volunteer time.
Definitely one of the best mentors anyone could ever ask for.