Firefighters Do It All

In addition to shouldering the burden of increased risk on medical calls, facing the already difficult challenge of everyday calls, now Canada’s firefighters are adding the responsibility of supporting others through this crisis.

Canada’s firefighters have been the first to thank front line health workers who are tackling COVID-19.

Here are just two examples: In Pembroke and Regina, firefighters are making sure our voices are heard reminding all those who serve the public, that those who put themselves at risk to ensure the safety of others should be recognized.

Our fire services aren’t just recognizing the front line workers. In Calgary, firefighters are helping children who aren’t able to host birthday parties with their friends by performing birthday drive-by’s. Children, unable to host a birthday gathering, get a birthday memory that will last forever.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of the great work done by locals across Canada.

Check back to this website to see what various locals are doing to support our colleagues on the front lines of this pandemic.